About Border Lifting and Safety

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Incorporated in 1992 by Andrew Robinson, Border Lifting and Safety Pty. Ltd. specialises in the supply of quality manufactured lifting equipment. Since that time we have experienced a pattern of growth and expansion.

We provide products of purpose, strength and versatility and services that meet the highest level of quality. We seek to provide our employees with a safe and team-oriented work environment, including continuing education and review of all industry advancements and the maintenance of our excellent qualifications and experience.

We are committed to providing prompt and professional service to our clients. An effective quality program assured and recognized by our continuing commitment to standards accreditation is central to the philosophy of our business and provides the basis for our long-term success.

Our goals include creating long-term relationships with our rapidly expanding client base and building a motivated team who can service all client needs professionally and with a sense of urgency.

As a customer-focused organisation, we are committed to:

  • A culture that is compassionate towards our customers
  • A drive to be the best
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in process and service in all parts of the organisation
  • An understanding that human energy is our greatest resource
  • A real commitment to stakeholder participation including owners, staff and customers
  • Flexible and customer committed leadership
  • See the customer as the starting point, direction setter and arbiter for everything we do

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