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Pallet Inverter | Pallet Dispenser | Pallet Squarer

Safetech Pallet Handling

Rotating, inverting, tilting, squaring or dispensing pallets quickly and without risking injury is easy with Safetech's range of Pallet handling products.

Safetech’s pallet dispensers prevent the pallet damage that often occurs with other pallet dispensers. Most of these other dispensers squeeze the side of the pallets to lift them which can easily crush a pallet – particularly older ones.

Safetech has designed its pallet dispensers to lift pallets in the same way that a forklift or hand pallet truck does – with tynes under the board. This prevents pallet damage and safely stores and dispenses pallets as needed.

  • No manual handling of pallets
  • No damage to pallets versus other pallet dispenser. The hook tyne dispenser does not grip pallets by crushing the sides.
  • Frees forklift time as retrieval of pallets can be done with a hand pallet truck
  • Stores pallets safely
  • Capacity of 15 or 25 or 30 pallets
  • Separation of forklift and pedestrian work areas.

Pallet Inverter Pallet Rotator

Gorbel Workstation Cranes

Safetech Pallet Inverters (Pallet Rotators) can rotate a 2 tonne pallet load to allow pallet exchange or where product inversion is required.

  • Food manufacturers can eliminate wooden pallets from the processing floor.
  • Timber pallets can be swapped for "clean room" standard in-house plastic or steel pallet .
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems where pallets are routinely checked and defective pallet loads must be exchanged.
  • Export goods on rental or in-house pallets canbe transferred to another pallet (or slip sheet) suitable for export.
  • Pallet loads can be straightened and "squared up".


Pallet Dispenser

Gorbel Jib

Pallet Dispensers provide storage and easy retrieval of empty pallets. Any operation that generates a significant number of empty pallets that are stored for later use is an ideal opportunity for a pallet dispenser.

  • Light curtainsfor operator protection
  • On Board air compressor available
  • Stores pallets safely
  • Capacity of 15 or 25 or 30 pallets
  • Separation of forklift and pedestrian work areas

Double Pallet Dispenser

Gorbel Jib

Safetech Double Pallet Dispensers in contrast to a normal Pallet Dispenser allows the user to select from two stacks of pallets. Each stack can contain up to 25 pallets which provides 50 pallet storage in a Double Dispenser.Each hopper can raise and lower independently of the other so that a single pallet can be dispensed from either stack.

Each hopper incorporates four swing in tynes that engage the cavity beneath the pallet bearer. The tynes raise and lower with the hopper. A barrier incorporated into the pallet hoppers separates the two pallet stacks. This is essential to prevent one stack hanging up on the other when the stacks are raised and lowered separately.

Pallet Squarer

Gorbel Jib

Customers who handle high volumes of pallets can keep their pallet stacks stable and square with the Safetech Pallet squarer.

It provides a simple and effective way to manage pallets on factory and warehouse floors so that they can be safely loaded onto conveyors and automated handling systems or securely transported.

The pallet squarer is easy to use. A load of pallets is positioned inside the booth and "squared" against the walls for safe removal.

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